Tournament Dates

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Indoor Tournaments 19/20


Team Date Tournament Age Group Ctry.
20.10.19Friendship TournamentAdults
02.11.19Hallenmaster JuniorsJuniors
17.11.19Young Star CupAdults
23.11.19Ilam Siruthaikal JuniorsJuniors
23.11.19TSC Sindelfingen Indoor Tourn.Adults
01.12.19Tamil United Indoor Tourn.Adults
15.12.19Young Birds Challenge CupAdults
04.01.20Kiddu Cup Juniors/GirlsJuniors
05.01.20Kiddu CupAdults
12.01.20Tamil Little Star Indoor Tourn.Adults
25.01.20SC Royal 30 YearsAdults
01.02.20TFC Ilampookal Indoor Tourn.Adults
09.02.20Thaiman SC Indoor Tourn.Adults
23.02.20SC Swissboys Indoor Tourn.Adults
01.03.20Pon Sivakumaran Cup TYOJuniors
08.03.20Young Royal Indoor Tourn.Adults
22.03.20SC Vanavil Indoor Tourn.Adults
05.04.20STFA 20 YearsAdults

Outdoor Tournaments 19/20


Team Date Tournament Age Group Ctry.
21.09.19Blue Star Outdoor TournamentAdults
29.09.19STFA League Group StageAdults
06.10.19STFA League Group StageAdults
03.05.20STFA League Quarter-FinalAdults
30.05.20Stovner CupAdults
31.05.20Annai Poopathi Cup 2020Adults
07.06.20STFA League Semi-FinalAdults
04.07.20Maaveerar Cup 2020Adults
11.07.20STFA League FinalAdults
08.08.20TAMIL EELAM CUP 2020Adults
09.08.20TAMIL EELAM CUP 2020Adults

Longterm tournament table

This is an overview of the tournaments upcoming seasons. Note that also not reserved dates are listed in this overview and that this tournament list may change in the future.

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